Fun Oedipus



“” di e con Gioele Dix.  Regia Sergio Fantoni. Scritto da Sergio Fantoni, Gioele Dix,  Francesco Brandi.

Oedipus Rex. The Short Version (animated). English version.

Oedipus cartoon

Le Luthiers, Epopeya de Edipo de Tebas, 1977




Tom Lehrer, Oedipus rex, 1959

Oedipus Rex references in songs, PREZI by Karla Johnson 


The Doors, The End, 1966

“The End” is death, although the song also deals with Jim Morrison’s parents – it contains Oedipal themes of loving the mother and killing the father. Morrison was always vague as to the meaning, explaining: “It could be almost anything you want it to be.” The Doors developed this song during live performances at the Whisky a Go Go, a Los Angeles club where they were the house band in 1966. They had to play two sets a night, so they were forced to extend their songs in order to fill the sets. This gave them a chance to experiment with their songs. This started as a short song about a farewell to a girl, and developed into an 11 minute epic. FONTE:


Woody Allen, Oedipus Wrecks, 1989

Oedipus 3




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